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Flannigans Right Hook is…

  • Popular covers - Sweet Caroline:

  • Lively originals - Three Sheets:

  • Originals, classic covers, & 60’s-80’s pop culture

  • A blend of Country, Rock, Bluegrass, & Irish faves

  • Fine-tuned playlists for your audience

  • Downloadable playlist by titleartist, or style

Flannigans Right Hook is…

  • Kansas City’s Celtic Rock Band

  • Kansas City’s Best Local Band (The Pitch KC, 2018)

  • Playing pub, festival, private, & corporate events

  • Based out of Kansas City, MO

  • Central to all locations throughout the Midwest

  • Easily accessing everywhere else via KCI Airport

Flannigans Right Hook is…

  • Dynamic performances

  • A Power Trio with a Bass option:

  • Cameron Russell - guitar, harmonica, lead vocals

  • Michael Cochran - drums, vocals

  • Coleen Diecker - violin, vocals

  • Paul Greenlease - bass, vocals

  • Matthew Shoaf - guitar, bass, vocals

Flannigans Right Hook is…

  • Connected on social media:


Flannigans Right Hook is…

  • Entertaining

  • More than you might expect

  • Everything your audience expects . . . and more!

Friday Night at the Roxy Was a Treat
- - - - -
I stumbled into the Roxy Friday night out of boredom looking for something to do. A band called FRH was playing and (I) had no idea who or what they were. On a whim, I ponied up the $5 cover out of curiosity. After listening to the first couple of songs I was totally engaged and entertained by what I was watching and listening to. I have never heard anything like this. It was the most eclectic & bazaar (sic) playlist of songs I ever heard in 2 sets. Who in the hell plays Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Soundgarden, and on & on. After each song I was left wondering what is next. It was one of the most interesting live shows I have seen in a long time.
< snip >
The flexibility of each performer with the adaptions and variations of the songs was extremely creative. Coleen is a true professional as a musician and performer. I enjoyed the (sic) your (Cameron’s) vocal adaptions to what song and style was being played, not to mention doing double duty playing both bass lines and rhythm simultaneously. And Michael on drums is the glue that holds it all together with all the interesting tempo changes.
< snip >
I don’t normally send emails or comment on bands I’ve seen, but this was so different. I had to reach out to let you know how much I enjoyed the performance.
< snip >
Its a treat to watch FRH perform. See you soon.
— Email from Jim Kxxxxx Jun 26, 2018, 12:35 PM

Flannigans Right Hook is…

  • Ready to entertain you and your audience

  • Waiting for your inquiry

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